"Marching back from the desolate wastes of Norfolk, Distant Guns appear to have bagged a winner with this,
their fourth E.P.
The pair of openers shimmer like an
iron glove around a velvet fist.
Paper Lanterns lives up to its name,
floating high but without any sign of crashing back to earth and setting fire to a field of wheat. Captain Birdseye... is a water-sodden piece of acoustic
wyrd, but we are brought back up to trajectory by The Fall-meets-Ballboy-in
-the-pub-car-park-for-a-fight bombast
 of CSI: Nowhere."
Dieshellsuit Review for EP4

"Distant Guns follow up their second EP 'The Peaceful Technophobe' with more strange tales and quiet rage.
'We Set Sail. . .' locks into a wiry, bass-driven Fall groove, complete with what sounds like Mark Radcliffe doing a guest spot on megaphone. Fantastic rant sampled at the end, too.
'Shakerley' could strike you as the weakest on offer but don’t be deceived - it has an eye on the horizon, despite its Floyd-isms and it’s always good to hear someone mentioning places in song that aren’t American city clichés. 'First Night. . .' hits us with a darker Killing Joke / Joy Division punch, before another gentle Waters-style tickle halfway through. 'Hardest Man . . .' is an odd combination of meat and veg; booming drums, ringing guitars and an almost louche vocal. It’s always a pleasure to go for a bit of musical orienteering with Distant Guns - some places you may have seen before but they manage to point out plenty you missed on previous visits, together with some new sights for sore ears."
Dieshellsuit Review for EP3

".....what you may happen to notice is an impressive collection of songs that flirt playfully with classic influences such as The Fall, or even moments of Ultra Vivid Scene, while these two musicians manage to put forth a sound that defies any certain genre saddle. As a follow up to their previous EP offerings including The Complacent Pacifist (2007) and The Peaceful Technophobe (2008), the band recently released a brand new addition, titled The Redundant Pioneer, which is now available through UK-based label Egress. Fantastic presentation and a welcomed listen. Enjoy the new music from this ongoing project and be sure to check out the Distant Guns.
We absolutely love this band."
Milk Milk Lemonade Review for EP3




Distant Guns are a two man recording army, whose mission is to explore the frontiers of the DIY ethic. Their plan is to regularly release "themed" 4-track EP's leading up to a full Album release.

Distant Guns are:
Representing Manchester: Mr. Deathray
Representing The Staffordshire Moorlands: Mr. Riviera

Four EP's have been released so far:

EP1 - "The Complacent Pacifist"
EP2 - "The Peaceful Technophobe"
EP3 - "The Redundant Pioneer"
EP4 - "The Invisible Observer"

All copies of EP1 & EP2 have now gone and will never be reissued...but both can now be downloaded for free from the Distant Guns Soundclick Page (see link opposite)

EP3 & EP4 are available only through Egress.

EP3 - “The Redundant Pioneer explores themes of travel, geography, dislocation and the consequences of drinking on a boat.

Tracks include:

We Set Sail From Granadaland” - This would be the soundtrack to the film ‘Under Siege’ if Frank Gallagher had taken the role played by Steven Seagal.

Shakerley” - A voice is telling you to leave this town. You should listen to it.

First Night On A Hostile Planet” - When there’s nowhere left that doesn’t have a ‘Rough Guide’, where will the true explorers go?

The Hardest Man In Alaska” - A Cambridge accountants epic struggle in the frozen wilderness to impress his missus.

EP4 - "The Invisible Observer" centres on an array of strange characters in even stranger situations.

Tracks include:

"Paper Lanterns" - Surveillance snapshots of a doomed romance, framed by a crystalline carillon of shimmering guitars.

"Your Plans Are Just Lists Of Things That Won't Happen" - One of the Distant Gunners was once mistaken for an assistant in a bookshop and asked by a customer where the 'Self-Help' section could be found. This tiny fragment of irony expanded into Distant Guns' darkest and heaviest song, which only stops short of cruelty by virtue of its hypnotic and compassionate coda.

"Captain Birdseye And His Shit Mate" - "...not their bloody scapegoat..."
(Unidentified short-wave radio transmission, Dogger Bank, 16 August 1967)

"CSI: Nowhere:" - Distant Guns' EPs traditionally close with an anthem, and this epic, densely-layered celebration of the International Police Exchange Programme is no exception.

Oh, and for what it's worth... Distant Guns are deeply suspicious of the Myspace phenomenon and lament that the word 'friend' has been so devalued. So don't even bother trying to add them as a friend... they will politely decline. It's nothing personal, they decline friend requests from absolutely everyone.

She Never Said No at the Time - EGUKGA1 - 2009
The Redundant Pioneer (EP3) - EGUKEP2 - 2009
Arson Attack on a Christmas Tree - EGUKGA5 - 2009
The Invisible Observer (EP4) - EGUKEP3 - 2010







































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