"....sort of result you get when rock n roll devil worshipping nutters sit in rooms without windows for months on end surrounded by everything except les pauls. kickin'n'n'n'n....."

"hissing and grinding as it goes, `rockandroll' crunches along its merry way like a synth-punk disco panzer division over the cobbles of capitalism and fake punk. an ugly, mindless, hypnotic dirge alone and angry in the tinsel-decked desert of niceness that coldplay built with their own fair hands in art and craft lessons at school. `rockandroll' didn't even go to school! That's why it's so stoopid! And noisy! And ugly! cos it's too stoopid even to look in a mirror and realise that it's ugly and stay indoors out of shame! there is no shame in mindless ugly synth punk disco noise. there is only eternal bliss! and if that don't grab you, you really are stupid"
Shifty Disco

"....if Suicide decided to play Ramones covers they would sound something like this...brilliant..."
Online Review



Mark Back and Graham Cooke formed the first incarnation of Morbius in 1994. They were drawn together by a love of punk, synthesizers and sampling. Early material had an electronic slant, but soon their love of the Ramones and art-rockers The Cramps took over. Their sound had a new direction, they set about incorporating the Rock & Roll antics of punk into the electronic roots they had already established. By combining the love of a good rock track with the sonic possibilities afforded by electronic instruments they have a sound that is unmistakably Morbius.

Morbius released three full length Albums and several EP's during the years 1994 - 2002 when they decided to call it a day. They also appeared on several important Compilations as well as soundtracking various TV programs and DVD releases. Even though their releases received universally good reviews and could be heard regularly on Xfm and Radio one shows such as Steve Lamacq they never managed to break through into the mainstream. Their releases are very hard to come by these days and as their reputation as a cult band continues to increase we feel the time is right to release the first ever compilation of their work, sourced from the original masters and remastered where necessary.

It's worth checking out their Myspace page for video footage from some of their rare live appearances.


Greatest Hits - EGUKA1 - 2008
Little Green Man - EGUKGA3 - 2009






























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