After nearly 15 years "Morbius" wrapped it up and returned with a new outfit...the "Synthpunk Discopanzer" (the name was taken from an early review of a Morbius single).

Utilising different production techniques, influences and equipment from Morbius, S.P.D.P. have a sound all of their own. Almost immediately they were met with a positive reaction, garnering more national recognition via Radio One and utilising the then early days of internet promotion, being one of the first bands to use sites such as MySpace to reach out to a wider audience.

Many tracks were recorded over a 3 year period but only a few were ever heard. There were no commercial releases and the only way to hear their music was via the Radio, Internet or their Soundtrack work.

In 2006 they moved on, yet again, to a new musical project leaving behind a catalogue of unreleased or difficult to find material.

Egress are pleased to make some of these recordings available for the first time.

S.P.D.P. - EGUKA3 - 2008
Stay Back Lay Back - EGUKGA4 - 2009











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